The St. Louis Underground Music Festival (S.L.U.M. Fest)


The St. Louis Underground Music Festival (S.L.U.M Fest for short) was create in January 2010 after a conversation between a few local St. Louis Hip Hop artists and promoters who wanted to create an event that would best celebrate the vast hip hop culture in the Metropolitan St. Louis /East St. Louis area.

The event, started out as being just a showcase of local artist and DJ’s, but soon after preparations were being made for the event, the organizers quickly realize that the event was going to be bigger than they expected. They decided that it would be best to do a MUSIC FESTIVAL rather than just a showcase. By doing this, the organizers made it possible for 50-60 local hip hop artists to perform. The organizers also wanted to showcase local DJ’s, b-boy/b-girl crews & graffiti artists, thus making this a true HIP HOP FESTIVAL. The festival also showcases local hip hop producers and rappers who wants to put their skills on the line for bragging rights (and prizes ). The producers are showcased in the PRODUCERS’ BEAT BATTLE, as the rappers are showcased in the EMCEE FREESTYLE BATTLE.

The festival has been featured on MTV’s “MADE“, and has won the “BEST OF 2012- BEST MUSIC FESTIVAL IN ST. LOUIS” by the RFT (Riverfront Times). It is also  guarded as the “Best Hip Hop Festival in the Midwest”.

This festival takes place every summer in June. It’s a 12 hour festival for all ages. We also play host to the SLUMFEST HIP HOP AWARDS, an event that takes place every year in January. The SLUMFEST AWARDS recognizes the contribution of local artists for that year.

The planning committee  behind S.L.U.M Fest (The FOUR ELEMENTS PARTY/ 4EP) are 10 individuals that consist of local hip hop artists, promoters, graphic designers and those who love the hip hop culture. Each members of the committee has no less than 15+ years in the local hip hop scene.


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