GREZE GUTTA calls out Freestyle Champ TUCKER BOOTH


On Sunday March 10, 2013 during the Registration and Cipher session for SLUMFEST 2013, Greze Gutta decided to send out an open challenge to the  2x SLUMFEST FREESTYLE CHAMPION : TUCKER BOOTH… Greze stated earlier in the day that he wanted to get in last year’s battle, but didn’t. Greze was in attendance to witness Tucker Booth winning the Emcee Freestyle Battle for the 2nd year in a row. Greze told us that since that day he couldn’t wait to the next SLUMFEST so that he could get into the Freestyle Battle. Greze claims that he will be DE-THRONING TDB, and in fact he says that he will be the new FREESTYLE CHAMP this year. Hoping Greze making it through the prelims and face off with TDB.

In the 1st of two videos, Greze Gutta formally announce that he is gunning for Tucker Booth’s crown. In the 2nd video, Greze Gutta FREESTYLES and calls out the CHAMP….

Greze Gutta say he is starting a campaign on Twitter and Facebook #GrezeGuttaKilledTucker #BlackOpsStyleBow


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  1. Upscript March 12, 2013 12:34 pm  Reply

    Not a chance in hell of beating TDB. Hope youre ready for a verbal spanking!! TDB FOR PRESIDENT!!!!

  2. Hensley-Locash Magazine March 25, 2013 4:59 pm  Reply

    Tuck Truth is a beast on the freestyle tip. Anythings possible, can’t wait to see him defend the crown against some hungry competition.

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